Turn your customs brokers into customs consultants.

Make your team customer-centric instead of data-entry-centric with Raft’s customs automation tools.

Illustration of two men working on a scissor lift and a plane in the backgroundIllustration of two men working on a scissor lift and a plane in the background

Data input at warp speed.

Raft automatically extracts clean data from commercial invoices and packing lists - from headers to complex line items - instantly, and posts directly into your TMS.

Correct clearance data, on time, every time.

Gather your clearance documents and data in one place and auto-notify your partners to submit missing data with our exceptions workflows. Link your submission queue to your live shipment ETA so you never miss a declaration.

Your customs control tower.

Our global declarations dashboard allows customs managers to see what’s missing and who should do something about it.

Rock-solid compliance.

Increasing regulatory scrutiny means you need the right tools. We highlight critical entities across data-sets and automatically flag important exceptions to compliance teams.

Process declarations together.

Collaborate with third parties and loop in internal stakeholders to deliver a seamless service. Selectively share and effortlessly communicate progress with your shipper.


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Become more than
a freight forwarding partner.

Discover just how indispensable you can be.

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