Elevating the value of freight forwarding.

Illustration of an airplane (with Raft branding on it) taking off.Illustration of an airplane (with Raft branding on it) taking off.
Our story

Connecting people to expand what’s possible.

At its core, the freight forwarding industry is about people. Every day, thousands of us communicate across borders and time zones, working together to facilitate the flow of goods around the globe. We saw an opportunity to transform the industry’s productivity and performance by using technology to make that communication dramatically easier, faster, and more accurate. The result: more efficient workers, stronger relationships, and happier customers.

What drives
us forward

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Improving the human experience at work.

We’re focused on using technology to help people spend their time on things that make a real difference, vastly improving their experience at work—and real business results.

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Changing the game with cutting-edge technology.

Our proprietary technology is revolutionary, but we’re not stopping there. We will continue to pursue ambitious digital solutions to our industry’s most pressing challenges.

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Inspiring the entire industry to evolve.

We see a chance for a more collaborative industry in which established companies and start-ups speak the same digital language, allowing everyone to scale.


James and Nisarg, our co-founders, created Raft in 2017. James had experience living the problem, and Nisarg understood the solution. Together, they saw an opportunity for a product that could use the content of day-to-day enterprise activity to radically improve workflows.

James Coombes - Co-founder, CEO of Raft

James Coombes

Chief Executive Officer

Meet James
Nisarg Mehta - Co-founder, CTO of Raft

Nisarg Mehta

Chief Technology Officer

Meet Nisarg


$1M annual savings & 2,000 extra hours a month await.

Explore how, on average, automating workflows for 3,000 shipments a month can lead to impressive annual savings. 
It all starts with a demo.

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