FreightOps, upgraded.

Re-think your approach to operations with Raft. Automate-to-communicate and drive efficiency across your operations to scale and serve your customers better.

Illustration of a freight trainIllustration of a freight train

Optimize your operations through deep automation.

Raft streamlines your workflow by understanding your inbox. From agent pre-alerts to booking confirmations and arrival notices, Raft recognizes what belongs in each shipment and instantly populates both your TMS and customer platform with deep field-level detail.

We handle the details so you can macro-manage.

Raft helps you catch details from any source - from ETA updates in your arrival notices to API-driven milestones from your visibility provider - so that you can confidently stay on top of your shipment.

Track your journey from start to finish.

Eliminate time lost to siloed communication between your team, your agent network, your service providers and your shippers by connecting and sharing awareness of each step in the shipment process.

Reinvent your communication-style.

Share operational progress proactively via our customer platform, auto-reply to customer emails, or notify service providers on the back of milestones, it’s time to optimize your communication methods with Raft.


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Become more than
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Discover just how indispensable you can be.

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