Your sales team’s new best friend.

Win more business with Raft’s sales automation platform. Deliver your rates more effectively, streamline your sales workflow, and demonstrate to your customers why your organization is the best partner for their business.

Illustration of two men working on a scissor lift next to an airplane with the nose openIllustration of two men working on a scissor lift next to an airplane with the nose open

Serve your rates online, your way.

Surface contract and spot rates from your RMS or TMS directly to your customers and partners via your portal or Raft’s customer platform.

Quote first, every time.

Increase conversions by rapidly handling inbound quote requests with Raft’s email auto-quotation assistant. Instantly populate replies with rates from your RMS or TMS directly from within your sales team’s inbox.

Streamlined ‘check-out’ flow.

Raft automatically converts quotes or SLIs to bookings to shipments within your TMS, freeing up your sales team to increase their quote-handling and business-building capacity.

Start your customer journey right at Point-of-Sale.

Create a shipment immediately on a quote confirmation, in both your TMS and your customer platform, and turn-on full shipment visibility from the get-go.

Demonstrate your digital prowess.

Show your customers just how much insight you can provide to them by delivering a fully featured customer platform fully integrated into your operations.


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Become more than
a freight forwarding partner.

Discover just how indispensable you can be.

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