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client testimonials

"With Raft as our new partner, the journey to digitalisation is made simple."

Global Process and Performance, Multinational forwarder

"As we embark on our digital transformation journey to continue scaling our business, Raft was the right partner that matched our global vision and ambition. Their best-in-class automation platform shone in comparison to all the other options we looked at."

Andy Richardson
Global CIO

“We have a digitalisation goal of automating repetitive work. We want our staff to have the time to focus on solving customer problems before they happen. To do that, we have created a strategic partnership with Raft, which brings not only great tech but great talent to the table.”

Mac Sullivan
Head of Technology & Digital Promotion, NNR

"We’ve been working with Raft to automate a basic, yet critical, component in our operations which is to process thousands of accounts payable invoices every month. The experience has been nothing short of revolutionary."

Brendan Borg
Chief Information Officer, Navia

"We were looking for a data automation system to help us seamlessly process hundreds of Accounts Payable invoices and Raft has more than stepped up to meet our needs."

Nicole Steinmetz
Chief Operating Officer, CargoBrokers

"I remember the first client we processed using Raft, from an average of 40 minutes to process a commercial invoice, it took just 4."

Business Analyst, Global Customs Brokerage

"Raft helped remind us that the value of our brokerage operators is not defined by the speed at which they type."

Head of Customs, International Freight Forwarder
Scarbrough logo

“We gain so much value as a business when we give our staff more time to share their ideas, skills and experience.”

Adam Hill
President & COO, Scarbrough

“Raft matches our digital ambitions. Its platform automates core export processes across our entire lifecycle, including pre-alerts, accounts payable and commercial invoices. This enabled us to scale our business fast, without needing to grow our headcount..”

Dhinuk Narainan
Head of Enterprise Systems, EFL