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Scalable commercial invoice automation

Massive scale required best-in-class AI to assemble associated documents

Multinational Customs Broker
North America
company size
50 - 100 employees
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Faster invoice processing times


Reduction in all operations

$6 mil

Saved in the first year

Reduction in all operations
Faster invoice processing times
Saved Per year


The global customs team at this North American Customs Broker struggled to efficiently gather relevant data from documents and email, including complex commercial invoices in several languages, and insert data quickly and cleanly into their declarations process.


A key consideration for the customer was Raft's ability to scale to millions of documents across multiple branches and jurisdictions. Our prior experience with large multinationals was instrumental in securing our first implementation, and we are already processing 3x the volume the customer was initially forecasting. Customer has seen dramatic ROI from working with Raft.


$6 million saved in the first year.

"We did a Proof of Concept in 2019 and worked well together. We look at the team as much as the company. We liked the people and culture. The team were friendly. "

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