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Dramatically reduced pre-alerts processing time

Achieving the goal to re-focus their team's time on customer service, away from data entry.

EES Shipping
Western Australia
company size
50 - 100 employees
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Faster invoice processing times


Reduction in all operations

$6 mil

Saved in the first year

Reduction in all operations
Faster invoice processing times
Saved Per year


The company pride themselves on offering a highly personalized, efficient service to all their clients. To achieve this they needed to free their teams from time-consuming administrative tasks, which fuel long hours and contribute to operational errors. Instead, they wanted to leverage their expertise in navigating overseas markets. Raft’s best-in-class technology helped make this a reality.


Our platform streamlined the pre-alerts process with smart automation and enabled the team to focus on delivering an exceptional client experience. The team have now handed over their repetitive, manual workload to Raft’s capable AI, which automatically understands and acts on incoming pre-alert packs, validating and pushing key data into the TMS. The solution adds enormous value, allowing the team to process packs in a third of the time previously taken. This significant efficiency gain unlocks an ability to win more business and still deliver on the promise of outstanding service.


Benchmarked time trials conducted prior to Raft implementation recorded and then again after, showed a 70% reduction in all operations.

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